“We Care,  We Grow Together”

About Us

Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative (TAMPCO) was conceived in March 14, 1971 and it was registered on October 21, 1971 with the Cooperative Administration Office as Tabuk Credit Union Inc. (TCCUI) by 33 members of the St. Thomas Parish Church of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines in Tabuk, Kalinga. Through the unity and devotion of the early management and officers as well as the members and with the guidance of the Divine providence, the cooperative significantly grew in membership and asset size. The first and main services of the cooperative was credit and savings. It was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority on January 7, 1991. TCCUI was then renamed as Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative (TAMPCO). TAMPCO had expanded its services to cater the real needs of its members and the community by setting up different programs and services. As of September 30, 2022; TAMPCO had a total assets of P2,596,283,620.28 with 48,756 responsible members.




Build a strong cooperative that provides for all socio-economic, cultural, and spiritual needs of its members thru’ relevant services and programs.


1. To help build the Socio-economic and spiritual development of our members and other stake holders.

2. To establish and manage sustainable enterprises responsive to our members needs and their communities.

3. To pursue profesional and career growth of the employees and officers.

4. To partner w/ other stakeholders and organizations in protecting and conserving our environment.

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